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Influential Greek Philosophers

The knowledge of Greece continues to influences, inspire and mesmerizes people of all walks of life, regardless if the effects are noticed or oblivious. When you analyze the Greek works, culture, and research the true aspects of what they are truly teaching us, we find rich and crucial pieces to the mystery of man. From the awesome presence of the Gods to the Demigods, to mans quest for enlightenment and perfection, Greek history is not only vital to our understanding of history, ourselves, and a host of other wonders, but it's also one of the most entertaining. Remember TimeWake.com considers all history, humanities history, which is our history, and pieces to the puzzle that is mans place in existence.     
Here are some books from some of the greatest Greek philosophers, we will be adding more as the always. Please enjoy and remember we are always looking to expand our research circle of experts, if you have free time to volunteer and have any research materials you would like to share with us as well be available for questions that will arise form said research, please drop a comment in the Guestbook.

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